College Success

College Success

The College Success program provides ongoing mentorship for students, helping them to set up individual academic plans that allow them to graduate from college. The program assists students as they navigate the complex world of financial aid and helps them develop important life skills such as financial responsibility, time management, and study habits — skills that will benefit them now and later in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What specific services are offered through the College Success program? College Success processes all scholarship requests and distributes the funds to award recipients. After students are offered scholarships, College Success staff members maintain routine contact with them, helping the students to problem solve and make wise decisions. Students also attend a college readiness “boot camp” that prepares them for their higher-ed experience. The ultimate goal of the program is to put students in a strong position to graduate from college.
  • How do students qualify for this program? Students who earn scholarships through College Success (and all TIF programs) must demonstrate a combination of need and potential.

Quick Facts

  • The College Success program serves more than 135 students.
  • Each student in the program is required to attend a college prep boot camp.
  • Last year, College Success students (in partnership with Direct Scholarship students) racked up 2,555 community service hours.