Community Collaborations

Community Collaborations

One of The Immokalee Foundation’s oldest programs, Community Collaborations has provided over $2.5 million in project-specific collaborations with Immokalee community organizations since 1991. Community Collaborations has helped a local elementary school to keep its library open during the summer, a reading organization to give pre-kindergarten students books for their homes, a health organization to provide children in need with emergency medical services — assistance that allows Immokalee’s next generation to keep its eye on educational success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you determine which organizations receive your collaborations? Is there an application process? Each year, an organization may submit an application that includes a project summary, a financial audit, the target number of students they intend to benefit, implementation strategies, cost per unit, and measurable outcomes.
  • How do you determine the number of students affected by your collaborative efforts? Recipients are required to submit qualified summary reports testifying to the number students helped and the outcome of the activity.

Quick Facts

  • Teamed up with First Book-Collier County to provide more than 3,500 new books for pre-kindergarten kids.
  • Joined forces with Immokalee Middle School and Immokalee High School to support a range of extracurricular programs, including music education, career exploration, and Junior Achievement.
  • Provided 800 Pinecrest Elementary students with Nook e-book technology to increase motivation to read thus increasing our student's reading achievement and exposure to digital technology.
  • Assisted RCMA to allow 180 students to participate in the Da Vinci After School Program for the Arts and Science.