Career Development and Readiness

Career Development and Readiness

Students can plan to attend a technical school, college, join the military, or go directly into work. As a result of our Career Development and Readiness program, students will make that decision with full knowledge of the available choices in the career paths they are seeking by giving young people the tools and ability to realistically plan their future the students will achieve success. The program will guide students through a step by step discovery process through their educational and occupational desires. The students will attend various workshops that teach the application process for college, technical school, scholarships and activities that support advanced training and education through career development and readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sort of skills do students learn through Career Development? The technical term is soft skills — that is, Communicate effectively, commit to the job, learn new tasks, leadership skills, and positive work ethics. In addition, these students develop practical skills for a specific vocation.
  • What is the community service aspect of Career Development? All TIF programs require that students have “skin in the game” by performing community service. This is all part of TIF’s empowerment model for student growth. we introduce and provide opportunities for a range of Community service opportunities. These students are genuinely enthusiastic about giving back and engaging with their community as a participant, not a recipient.
  • How are donations to Career Development used? Financial support is used to fund the career development and readiness educational workshops, job coaches and provide productive activities for the students, such as leadership training programs.
  • How can I get involved? Our Career Development volunteers serve a range of functions. While some serve on advisory boards to help with career panels and career clusters other volunteers help with mentoring, facilitate field trips, work experiences and assist with employ ability skill training. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us at or (239) 430-9122.

Quick Facts

  • Career Development programs serves 92 students.
  • This year, 17 students participated in the Heavy Equipment Mechanics (HEM) program; 13 interned with 4 CAT Dealers from Caterpillar partnership; 9 attained full-time employment
  • Our Career Development program has a 100% graduation rate among our students.
  • ACT summer academy program boasted an attendance of 95 students.